I’m Emir,

a web developer

based in Istanbul

About Me

I’m a developer with experience in building websites for small and medium sized businesses. I’m experienced in HTML,CSS,Javascript ,React,NextJS, jQuery, WordPress and SEO. Basically, I can help you develop the front end for your project.

I'm Good At
  • ▹ HTML
  • ▹ CSS
  • ▹ Javascript
  • ▹ React
  • ▹ NextJs
  • ▹ Figma
  • ▹ Design


Creative Approach

I try to learn as much as I can before designing. This means really understanding the problem at hand through research and anything else I can do to connect to the project or client.

Design Strategy

I pull together a few design directions, create prototypes, and really get a feel for the product before going into development.


I start coding implement the final project. This means running through quality assurance and testing to make sure I have the best possible solution.